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December 5, 2021
Time: 9:00 pm
Location: Secret location

Rogue, a subversive playground full of colour and free of inhibitions.

Explore our a multi-level, private venue hidden in Sydney’s Inner-West as Rogue makes it’s debut December 5th.

2 floors, 2 vibes, pick your poison.

Chela, Red Rey and Yvngcweed take over Medusa’s Cove, with a special pole performance from Linh Qu, founder of Club Chrome. Dance in the den, lounge by the pool table or enjoy a drink at our BYO bar upstairs.

Dare to dive below to The Dungeon? Late night boiler-room sets with Club Angel, Deepa and Shake Daddy will keep you hot and bothered.

Hosted by the devilish deity, Mel Ree, join us December 5th and unleash your inner Rogue.




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